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How to Activate Roku Device from

There are 3 steps to activate roku:
1. Create Roku Account
2. Get a Roku Link Code
3. Access link

What are the Requirements to set up Roku device?

Before initiating the Roku activation procedure, it is very important to setup your Roku device appropriately.

Before starting the process, you need to have the following things:
1. A HD television
2. HDMI Cable
3. A strong and safe internet or Wi-Fi connection

How to Create Account?

The steps to create roku account is given below. You need to follow the 3 steps of creating roku account, get the roku code link & activate roku device.

1. Create Roku Account:

To activate roku, you need to have roku account. To create roku account, firstly visit to & Click on sign up option. Enter the First name, last name, password, email address & click on create account option. If the account is created successfully, you can login to

2. Get a Roku Link Code:

To get roku code link, you need to connect roku device to internet. (Wi-Fi, Ethernet) After connecting, the streaming device may download new software. A mixture of number & alphabetic code will be displayed on TV screen which is called roku activation code. Note down the code properly for roku activation.

3. Access link:

Open a web browser & write to enter the roku activation code. Follow the on screen instructions to continue.

Steps to connect your device with internet here:

Connect your device with Wifi for Roku Streaming:

Nowadays smart TVs comes with Wi-Fi connection option because they have a wireless adapter built-in. The Wi-Fi connection works very good when Wi-Fi router & TV is in the same room. There are many benefits of connecting device with Wi-Fi like there are no trailing wires. You can move your TV anywhere. The Wi-Fi connection setup is very easy process.

• Use the remote & open main screen to select settings.
• In the settings select network -> wireless network.
• Your TCL Roku TV will start scanning for available wireless network.
• Select your Wi-Fi name & select Ok.
• Enter the Wi-Fi password & connect.
• TV will display progress messages verifying your connection as shown below. Click here if you are having issues connecting to your wireless network.

Connect device with wired connection to stream roku:

If you want the strongest, stable connection then plug your TV directly into the internet router via an Ethernet cable. Your TV must be close to your router. There are so many benefits of wired connection like: it is simple to setup. It provides a good speed & reliable connection.

Check the steps to connect device with wired connection - plug directly into your router • Connect the Ethernet cable from router or modem to the TV Ethernet port.
• Go to the settings & select network -> wired (Ethernet)
• The TV will then verify connectivity to your local network and the Internet.

How to Add Amazon video to your account?

Amazon Prime Video has bundle of programs to watch. Amazon Prime members can watch thousands of famous shows and films at a no-extra fee. You can also enjoy Prime videos on your Roku player.

Here are the steps to add prime videos to roku account:
• Firstly, go to the channel store, which is available on the Home screen.
• Visit Movies & TV section & click on add channel on Amazon instant video.
• Open the Amazon instant video app and sign in with credentials.
• To register on your account, select get started with Roku.
• Follow the on screen instructions to complete the process.